Switch on Day



From the Allwood Family

""So, we are hugely relieved and overjoyed that Faye's switch on went off perfectly this afternoon. Our little poppet is definitely hearing now, and her tranquil world has exploded into sound with her raucous and excited siblings. Amazingly she is still smiling.

The moment when she heard for the first time was an intimate family moment. We were all gathered around her, and as Lida the audiologist gradually turned the volume up, Faye stopped playing and concentrated very hard and very motionless on her new sensation. She showed a brilliant "stilling" response, and seemed earnestly interested in our voices and attempts at getting her attention. We could not get enough of trying to get her reaction to sounds for the first time. Then we "introduced" ourselves, and told her how much we loved her, watching her stop and listen to what was going on around her.

It took bit of getting used to, and the processors were irritating her, but at the end she wore both ears on her head, and took to it like a duckling to water.

Although the volume is now set at very soft, so as not to distress her, even this afternoon we notice that she is much more vocal as she hears and responds to her own voice for the first time. Playtime and games now have another dimension.

She had gone silent over the last few weeks, as does happen in deaf kids of the same age, but the return of Faye making happy smiley noises to herself and trying to listen when she hears something, is totally wonderous for us.

We are so thankful to our Lord for the amazing privilege he has granted us to be able to talk to our child, and for her to hear us.

Over the next few weeks the volume will slowly be increased as she begins her journey into sound and hearing.

Thank you for all your messages, prayers, and love. We took pictures and video this afternoon, and will post them on Facebook, to you, and on YouTube. 

It was an amazing and unique moment in our lives.""

The video of the switch on can be viewed at  http://youtu.be/WgemzxY6CpQ