Nasha Bosman – December 2022

Born with normal hearing, Nasha Bosman experienced a regular childhood but began to lose his hearing at nine years of age, which made life difficult for him and he relied on lipreading to understand his family, friends, and teachers. Hearing aids did not help and a cochlear implant was recommended at 11 years of age. Just a few months after being identified as a good candidate for the procedure, through a partnership between the Netcare Foundation and Hear Us, Nasha’s cochlear implantation was performed at Netcare N1 City Hospital. The external sound processor was “switched-on” at Tygerberg Hospital early January 2023 and Nasha was able to hear many sounds again. In the next few months Nasha will require multiple sessions with his audiologist to fine-tune the cochlear implant system but his mother reports that his hearing is improving every day, he can focus properly on school worknow, and he is really enjoying life again. We wish him all the best on his hearing journey!