Amile Kwatsha’s – July 2022

Amile Kwatsha’s hearing loss was diagnosed when she was two-years old and she received her first cochlear implant soon thereafter. Amile has attended the Carel Du Toit Centre since the diagnosis of her hearing loss, and together with her parents, Zimkitha and Maliyiwe Kwatsha, and her intervention team, they have worked exceptionally hard to develop excellent spoken language skills. Thanks to funding from the Nellie Atkinson Trust, the five-year-old underwent surgery for her second cochlear implant in July 2022 with activation on the 10th of August. Both her parents attended this session, all three are delighted with the outcome, and Amile loves her ‘new ear’!

Bilateral cochlear implants allow for binaural hearing, with better sound localization and better understanding of speech, especially in noisy environments, which is often the case when children are in school. We believe this investment will enable her to achieve her full academic potential.